While the teams battled through Round 1 and 2 of the winners' bracket, League of Legends fans made their presence known with their loud cheers, creative signage and priceless expressions – generating dramatic hype that can only get better from here.

Hours before start time, teams arrived early to scout the venue and wait in anticipation for the tournament brackets to be posted, but they weren’t the only ones. Fans swarmed professional players to request autographs and pictures. With almost every kill projected on the main stage, the crowd roared with excitement during each game – louder and louder as the game’s intensity progressed over time.

TSM.Evo faced off SK Gaming for the first game of the main stage, defeating SK 2 – 0 and advancing to the next round, where they will play FnaticRC the next day.  Curse EU took first game of the stage against Dynamic, but Dynamic made an epic comeback to Curse EU into the lower bracket 2 – 1. For the final stage match of the day, Team SoloMid stomped Team MRN 2 – 0 on the Fields of Justice, but Team MRN’s fans definitely won the battle of the hype.

Subsequently chanting back and forth, “TSM! TSM! TSM!” then “MRN! MRN! MRN!” both groups of fans in the crowd were equally as excited. But the trophy for the hype battle definitely goes to Team MRN’s fans, coming over from the fighting game community. Filled with energy, the MRN fans galloped ecstatically across the front row of the seating area with rambunctious cheers, while waving their signs in the air and blowing piercing horns.

We look forward to even more excitement and more intense matches in the days to come.