The MLG Spring Season Finals finished out in grand fashion, with two landmark teams in North American eSports squaring off in the Grand Finals. Today, one of the oldest rivalries in the history of League of Legends once took center stage as Counter Logic Gaming faced down perennial opponent Team SoloMid – a competition that traces its roots all the way back to the beginnings of Season One.

With $20,000 on the line, both competitors brought their very best game to the table. Team SoloMid, the consummate North American champion, prepared with all their typical zeal for the Championship event here in Anaheim. Counter Logic Gaming, on the other hand, just reinvented themselves in the wake of declining performances over the course of Season Two and looked unstoppable here at the Spring Championship with their extraordinary comebacks. 

In the end, after a grueling two match series – six games in total – it was Team SoloMid who emerged victorious, taking home title of MLG Season Champion and further cementing their position at the top of the North American Challenger Circuit! We look forward to seeing more from both of these contenders as the Regional Championships draw closer.