Counter Logic Gaming Europe’s solo laners, Froggen and Wickd, took turns at carrying the team to victory against in Round 2 of the winner’s bracket – Froggen in game 1 and Wickd in game 2. CLG, currently with no circuit points, must succeed in the top tier at MLG to stay in the run for a spot at the Season 2 Regional Finals in Gamescom. mTw.Na, who performed well against teams such as TSM.Evo, battled CLG for a chance at high ranks at the event and additional circuit points to increase their ladder standings.

In game 1 of the set, CLG.EU picked up on’s passive playstyle, and executed accordingly even in the second game where Froggen and Wickd managed to select their most notable champions, Anivia and Irelia. “I’m going to pick Irelia and win the game,” stated Wickd. Maoki initiated an early gank for Wickd top lane and landed the killing blow on Vladimir, claiming first blood for himself and rewarding Wickd with an assist. With the exception of Froggen as mid Anivia, all lanes played aggressively and exploited’s cautious play.

“I don’t really know that much about them, but we just played our game,” said Froggen, CLG’s AP carry.

CLG defeated (2-0) knocking them into the loser’s bracket where they must again fight their way to the top. CLG will face SoloMid in round 3 of the winner’s bracket for an even harder match up.