AP and AD carries xPeke and Lamia led FnaticRC to victory against TSM.Evo after 3 games of intense matches in Round 3 of the winners’ bracket. Lamia performed exceptionally well as Tristana in Game 1 and Game 3 despite some minor sets backs in Game 2 as Ashe.

“We actually aimed for not letting him [Aphromoo] have Tristana because we’re really afraid of Tristana late game, and the second and third game showed how really hard it is to come back from a really strong Tristana late game” said Lamia.

Additionally, xPeke contributed great amounts in the set to help secure a win, playing Galio in Game 1 and Janna in Game 3. xPeke successfully executed many flash-ultimate combos resulting in multiple triple kills. He stated, “I know with Galio you can do great all the time so I was just farming, and Ahri is going to become useless at some point and I’m just going to be a beast.” Nhat Nguyen also agreed, “Galio got super big that game.”

In the final match of the set, Fnatic executed a “protect-the-Trist” strategy running Janna as AP mid for additional her shield, heal, and crowd control. TSM.Evo’s support Nhat Nguyen stated, “The Janna shield was really strong that game.” With total map and objective control, FnaticRC easily protected Lamia which in turn snowballed into a victory for them.

Fun fact: In total, FnaticRC has played with top laner, sOAZ, for only a couple days and support player Pheilox for about a week.