Many people know about the top teams in the League of Legends eSports scene – including Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas – but a number of lesser-known up-and-coming teams are prepared to fight for their share of $40,000 at MLG Anaheim. With 18 teams set to battle, you may not know much about these aspiring professionals. So without further ado, meet some of the underdogs of MLG Anaheim!

Orbit Gaming

Orbit Gaming consists of high-rated players who only organized into their current team about a month ago.  They’ve earned high rankings in Go4LoL online, but MLG Anaheim marks their first major event. “I'm just looking forward to having fun and meeting people, and representing my college and friends!” reported team jungler Hai “oRb Hai” Lam.

  • Top Lane – Gabriel  “oRb Yazuki” Ng
  • AP Carry – Nicholas “Nubbypoohbear” Harlan
  • Jungler – Hai “oRb Hai” Lam
  • AD Carry – Zach “oRb Nientonsoh” Malhas
  • Support – Daerak “oRb LemonNation” Hart

vVv Gaming

vVv Gaming drafted their newest roster just two months ago, but excelled in several smaller scale tournaments in the past… including a 4th place finish in the IEM New York Qualifier, a 1st place finish at Lancouver 2011 and strong showings at multiple Go4LoL online events. "We are really untested against top teams in the world, even though we belong there. We know we are going to turn some heads at Anaheim," says team manager Michael "nocontrol" Toryk.

  • Top Lane – Kun “iDream” Fang
  • AP Carry – Edward “skilly” Biad
  • Jungler – Brian “tsunami” Herr
  • AD Carry – Johnny “altecx” Ru
  • Support – Thadeus “RoshanNOW” Tang

Team Green Forest

Based out of the Green Forest Café LAN center in Ventura, California, Team Green Forest represents an accumulation of League of Legends professional players, who comprise the 1st-place team on the Ranked Teams Ladder in North America. TGF placed 1st in North American Go4LoL #40, #41 and #56, as well as 2nd in University of California, San Diego’s Winter Game Fest representing MSi, MBC America, Cooler Master and CM Storm.

  • Top Lane – Kevin “TGF Keun” Enario
  • AP Carry – Johnathan “Sinisterroo
  • Jungler Zosimo “TGF Koala” Geluz
  • AD Carry – Ben “TGF Liquidity” Demunck
  • Support – Simon “TGF Pinkuu” Wong


Sponsored by MadCatz, Team MRN has spent the last year playing together out of their local LAN center in Arcadia, California. Though well-known in the fighting game community, Team MRN definitely comes into League eSports as a dark horse. Some of you may remember their jungler, Clark “ClakeyDeeeeeeeee” Smith, who subbed for the former Epik Gaming at IPL 4. He stated, “I’m looking forward to beating TSM.Evo.”

  • Top Lane Nick “NickWu” Smith
  • AP Carry Martin “MaRN” Phan
  • Jungler Clark “ClakeyDeeeeeeeee” Smith
  • AD Carry Richard “me emo” Hariyono
  • Support – Alex “TooPro4u” Bickham


Although the name 4Nothing has floated around the League of Legends scene for some time, the current roster competing at Anaheim came about only recently. Placing in several Go4LoL online events, the team strives to perform to the best of their abilities at the MLG Spring Championships in order to earn team recognition among the masses of top-tier performers.

  • Top Lane – Brian "4Not TrickZ" Ahn
  • AP Carry Keith "4Not TakashiX" Horita
  • Jungler Brad "4Not Onebadbrad" Watson
  • AD Carry Patrick "4Not ParoL" Krol
  • Support – George "4Not Zekent" Liu

We'll soon see whether these upcoming teams are capable of dethroning the top rosters here at the MLG Spring Championships in Anaheim!