The MLG Spring Championship is halfway over, but already we’ve seen some truly incredible performances by our top players.

The day started with FnaticRaidCall – and new member soaz (formerly of AAA) taking the place of Sushei – putting on an impressive performance by besting TSM.Evo 2-1. That moved them into the upper bracket semi-finals. Fnatic’s “protect the Tristana” strategy, with xPeke on AP Janna in mid lane, allowed Lamia to dominate by preventing TSM.Evo from engaging.

While TSM.Evolved still has a shot at the championship, some teams have gone home. MRN, Green Forest, Redact, Legion, Wolf Pack and 4Not have all fallen from the lower bracket, and will not gain Challenger Circuit points for this event. It’ll be sad to see MRN’s fans go home, but we’re sure League of Legends fans won’t forget their enthusiasm.

In what will go down as one of the most epic contests of this tournament, Team SoloMid met Counter Logic Gaming in Round 3 of the upper bracket. Each match of the best-of-three series was extremely intense, with absolutely phenomenal Kog’Maw and Anivia play coming from’s lynchpin, Froggen. However, a one-man army can’t defeat a coordinated force, and ultimately Team SoloMid emerged victorious. With the stunning play from both teams, chances are high that Team SoloMid and will meet again for a rematch in the finals.

More updates will continue throughout the day. Keep tuned in as we bring you more action from the MLG Spring Championship.