Team Dynamic dominated two consecutive games after an initial loss to Fnatic, allowing them to advance the lower bracket semifinals with a round score of 2-1. Formerly known as Monomaniac, TD arrived at MLG Anaheim as one the dark horses in the League of Legends eSports scene. However, many high ranked teams saw potential in TD and those beliefs were not unfounded as TD knocked several formidable teams out of the competition including, Curse NA, and now FnaticRC.

"I think the only thing we really did wrong was that we lost momentum early. That seems to be where we lost our matches. We let the enemy team get first blood and we let that kind of ruin our attitude," reflected Nintendudex.

Despite that initial setback, TD felt well-prepared for the challenges they faced. Zig explained, "Practice-wise, we were definitely prepared. We were playing a lot of online events before this and doing pretty well." Notably, the team deemed ZioN as the MVP of the set against FnaticRC, where he executed game-winning plays including split-pushing and a nexus rush while disregarding 3 enemies.

Team Dynamic will move on to play against Counter Logic Gaming NA in the next round for chance at top 3.

Fun Fact: Team Dynamic’s parents showed up in customized matching jerseys to support the team.