The second day of the MLG Spring Championships was a marathon of the best League of Legends matches of the tournament thus far. Most of the matches went to best of three, showing how close in skill so many of these teams are.

Early on the main stage, with the games at 1-1, Fnatic used an unexpected AP Janna to protect Lamia’s Tristana from harm, allowing him to put out massive damage and win the series over TSM.Evolution. Though going into the tournament hopes were high for TSM.Evo’s chances, they met defeat in the next round of the lower bracket by impressive newcomers Orbit.

Many other teams fell as the day went on. Team MRN, whose fans cheered no matter how hopeless the situation was, was knocked out early in the day. Legion, Green Forest, Wolf Pack, vVv, 4not, and MTW all were knocked out before the day was half over. Powerhouse EU teams Curse.EU and SK gaming were unable to progress in the lower bracket, and North American teams Curse gaming and newcomer Orbit fell in the later rounds.

The match of the day without a doubt was Team SoloMid vs. Expectations were high for this clash of titans and fans were not disappointed. Froggen played the most impressive Kog’Maw and Anivia games ever seen, but Team SoloMid’s superior team work and objective control won them 2-1 in the series.

The days matches finished with another impressive performance from Team Solomid in their match vs. Fnatic, where they did not fall to AP Janna. In a rematch of IPL 4, Dignitas and played a long best of three, but unlike the previous tournament, Dignitas emerged on top.

Two winners stand undefeated: Team SoloMid and Dignitas, who will fight for a guaranteed 3rd place tomorrow.,, Team Dynamic, and Fnatic remain, but only one will make it into the top three. Tune in tomorrow to find out who will take home the $20,000