By now you’ve noticed the epic size of the MLG Spring Championship: 19 teams, four simultaneous streams, and constant matches from morning until night. Here on the MLG Spring Championship tournament site, we’ll be providing match recaps as well as articles, photos and interviews from the tournament floor. With all this going on, we’ve got a few tips for following all the action, as well as a preview of some of the stories we’ll be following while we’re here.

First, bear in mind that the schedule is always subject to change. Teams might move to different streams, so if you really want to watch certain teams, you might have to move around a bit. Streams 1 and 2 will always be casted, with Stream 1 being played live on the floor at MLG. The MLG player embedded at the top of the page will allow you to switch between streams at any time. Simply click the LoL stream button indicated below and pick which stream you want to watch.

With so many teams competing, we wanted to follow a few teams on their journey through the event… notably what many consider to be the favorite for the tournament, Team SoloMid. With more circuit points than any other team in Season Two, a 1st-place finish at IPL 4, and firsts at both their own TSM invitational and the Reign of Gaming Invitational, TSM looks to be the team to beat at this event. Past results don’t always reflect the future, so we’ll see if they will continue their domination at MLG.

Counter Logic Gaming Europe might be one of the most popular teams in Europe, and the MLG Spring Championship represents their first shot at Season Two Circuit Points. Fans of have high expectations for the team, as do we. We’ll see whether can live up to them.

Finally, though they’ve only been around for less than two months, TSM.Evolved has made notable waves in the competitive scene in North America… especially with a solid 2nd-place finish at the Reign of Gaming Invitational.

There are plenty of other stories from MLG as well. How will the roster swaps between, Dignitas, and Curse, affect their performance here? Will Team Dynamic or, who’ve played very well since IPL 4, pull off an upset victory? Do any of the local teams, like Green Forest, Marn, or Orbit, have a shot at taking out one of the more established names? We’ll have these answers and more all right here on the MLG Spring Championship tournament site.