Lower Round 2: vVv vs MRN

The lower bracket kicked off bright and early Saturday morning with both MRN and vVv Gaming searching for redemption... 

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Game Coverage

MRN Bans vVv Bans
Morgana Lee Sin
Urgot Nautilus
Shen Jax
MRN Bans vVv Picks
Gangplank Leona
Twisted Fate Ezreal
Udyr Malphite
Janna Morgana
Graves Riven

The lower bracket kicked off bright and early Saturday morning with both MRN and vVv Gaming searching for redemption. Two losses would send one team home, so everything was on the line!

Early action centered on the bot lane, with three champions from each side jockeying for position. vVv broke the stalemate at the 10-mintue mark, scoring a double kill and drawing even with their opponents in both the kill ratio and the gold count. Some sharp kills from Altec put them in the lead, and a bit of nifty jungling netted vVv the dragon.

The pressure didn't let up. SKiLLY took MRN's NaRN in the mid-lane, then followed it up with an encore as soon as NaRN respawned. With a hefty edge, ganking became the order of the day, with 2-on-1 and 3-on-1  match-ups that gave vVv ready control of the field. MRN's towers began falling soon thereafter. SKiLLY seemed to be everywhere, leading a set of vicious jungle ambushes that ended only when MRN combined to take him down. vVv administered a 4-0 smackdown at the 24-minute mark, then followed it up by claiming the Baron and teleporting back to base for some cherry boosts. MRN gathered in the center lane to rally a defense: desperately jungling to bridge the gap and digging in for vVv's eventual assault. It came in the bot lane, with a throwdown that left 4 MRN champions dead and an equal number of vVv champions ready for the final push. Victory came at 27 minutes.

Player of the Game: SKiLLY handled the mid-lane masterfully, scoring 12 kills and paving the way for his team's victory.

Key Plays:

  • SKiLLY doubled down on NaRN, killing him twice in rapid succession and asserting vVv's control of the game.
  • A 5-on-5 battle at 24 minutes sent 4 MRN champions to the graveyard and earned vVv the Baron.
  • MRN's final stand cost them 4 champions, and let vVv finish off the match.
MRN Bans vVv Bans
Morgana Lee Sin
Urgot Nautilus
Shen Jax
MRN Picks vVv Picks
Alistar Janna
Gangplank Malphite
Varus Ashe
Riven Kennen
Ahri Irelia

The second match kicked off with MRN going all-out to avoid elimination. As the teams settled into their lanes, MRN's Clakey attempt a quick gank in the bottom lane that amounted to nothing. Meanwhile, MRN's me emo deftly avoided becoming the game's first casualty in the top, with a nifty move to escape vVv's iDream. Despite that, vVv still drew first blood, taking down MaRn's Ahri just off of the center lane. A second kill followed, and vVv once again began grinding out an advantage.

vVv iDream drew out MRN on the top lane, a cunning ruse that cost him his life, but allowed his teammates to claim the dragon. (He would repeat the tactic multiple times in the course of the match.) With that advantage in hand, vVv sought out every ganking opportunity they could, creating a 7-4 advantage in kills and slowly winning the gold farming war. They took a second dragon at 15 minutes. MRN's Clakey attempted to take down SKiLLY with a little help from TooPro's Gangplank, but SKiLLY rapidly turned the tables and scored a kill against Clakey instead. With the odds clearly in their favor, vVv made a move for the Baron. MRN tried to stop them, resulting in a 2-1 loss, but keeping the Baron out of vVv's hands. It was only a temporary reprieve, however. vVv's Tsunami scored a triple kill, wiping the board and giving vVv uncontested access to the Baron. MRN could see the writing on the wall and immediately surrendered, ending their tournament and conceding the game to vVv.

vVv moves on to Round 3, while MRN falls short after a hard-fought effort!

Player of the Game: iDream took on the thankless role of bait for the match, tying up significant MRN resources and only dying once despite their best efforts.

  • iDream allowed himself to be ganked by the heart of MLN, while his teammates used the opportunity to grab the dragon.
  • An attempted gank on vVv's SKiLLY went wrong, leaving SKiLLY alive and MRN's  Clakey dead.
  • vVv's Tsunami scored a triple kill to clear the way for the Baron, a move that resulted in MRN's surrender.