Monomaniac Ferus, formerly mTw.NA, was one of the many teams fighting for the 8th slot at the North American Regionals in the recent MLG Summer Championship. They couldn’t have asked for a more dramatic finish of the regular season: a final tiebreaker match against Orbit Gaming, who finished the season with the same number of Circuit Points. mMe Ferus secured the number eight seed in spectacular fashion, racking up a dominating 2-0 victory against Orbit Gaming immediately after Orbit lost to Team Dynamic in a match set for 3rd place at MLG Raleigh.

Monomaniac Ferus heads to the Regionals at PAX this weekend as the last seed, where they will face a tough challenge against Team SoloMid – the number one overall seed in the Regionals.

While the intense tiebreaker matches between mMe Ferus and Orbit weren’t originally televised, we’ve got some VODs available for you below. For updates on how mMe will perform at Regionals, check back for more coverage on the North American Regionals as the tournament progresses. mMe will play their first match on Thursday afternoon; see the schedule for more details.