Only eight teams remain as the League of Legends Championship Series European Qualifier rolls on. With the top four winners of Day 2’s competition earning a spot in the Season 3 LCS, the action started out furious and never let up.

The first series of the day saw Millenium take on the Copenhagen Wolves. The Wolves’ AD Carry TheTess started off game one with a doublekill, snowballing his Ezreal and leading his team to an early victory. Keeping his team’s momentum rolling from the first game, TheTess’s strong performance on Caitlyn helped carry his team to a 2-0 victory and a spot in Season 3.

DragonBorns faced off against Against All Authority in the second matchup, taking the first game handily thanks to HosaN’s great Ezreal play. But despite a slow start, aAa fought back and earned the second ticket of the Qualifier by winning two games back to back with outstanding objective control.

The next set saw Mousesports succumb to the coordinated play of Giants Gaming. A seemingly unstoppable Giants Katarina prompted Mousesports to surrender their first match early, and despite rallying strong, an innovative Wukong and AD Kennen combination secured the second match for Giants Gaming.

In the highly-anticipated final match of the day, Fnatic took on MeetYourMakers. Fnatic’s sOAZ dominated the first game, ending with a perfect 7/0/6 record and putting his team up 1-0. Swapping out Rumble for Shen in game 2, Fnatic’s tanky front line shut down their opponent’s team composition and deftly secured their second victory, and their ticket to Season 3.

But for the defeated of Day 2, a single hope still remains. Each set’s loser has one more chance tomorrow, as they’ll fight in single-elimination best-of-three matches to determine the fifth and final available slot.

Be sure to check out Day 3 of the EU LCS tomorrow at 13:00 CEST, 4:00am PST.