1st Kings of Europe.

1st 4Players.de All or Nothing.

1st Absolute Pro League: March.

1st RaidCall PLAY Cup 1.

1st Corsair Vengeance Cup.

1st In2LOL Kickoff EU Tournament.

1st Esports Heaven Medion Challenge 2012.

1st DreamHack Summer 2012.

5th MLG 2012 - Spring Championship.

2nd European Challenger Circuit: Poland.

3rd Season 2 European Regionals.

2nd Azubu The Champions Summer 2012.

Froggen - AP Carry

Bio: A world famous AP Carry, Froggen’s name is most closely associated with his unique and devastating Anivia play style, so much so that Anivia is a standard ban against CLG.EU. Heavily favoring champions with skill-shots, Froggen combines outstanding farming skills with supreme positioning, usually stalking just outside of enemy vision range.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 8.67, Most Played Champion – Gragas (66.67%)

Wickd - Top Lane

Bio: Wickd led the shift in metagame that saw bruisers legitimized in top lane, and is now famous for both his Irelia and Renekton play. Exceedingly good at analyzing the movements of his lane opponent, he often bases his own actions off the subtle changes in enemy positioning and posture. Wickd is known to pick unfavorable matchups for himself, believing that any disadvantage can be overcome by his skill.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 8.89, Most Played Champion – Renekton (50.00%)

Snoopeh - Jungler

Bio: The official spokesman for CLG.EU, Snoopeh’s historically consistent preference for support junglers has changed with the recent addition of fighters to his arsenal of champions. An unpredictable jungler with acute map awareness, he popularized jungle Cho’Gath during the Season 2 European Regionals. Able to jungle with virtually any champion, he is a diverse component of CLG.EU’s lineup.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 4.71, Most Played Champion – Cho’Gath/Maokai (33.33%)

Yellowpete - AD Carry

Bio: The most consistent member of CLG.EU, Yellowpete’s excellent mechanical skill paired with his outstanding positioning reliably ensures he reaches late game. One of the few players to play Kog’Maw competitively, he postponed his pursuit of a Master’s degree in Computer Science to develop his career in eSports.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 7.92, Most Played Champion – Ezreal (50.00%)

Krepo - Support

Bio: Mainly playing AP Carry before joining CLG.EU, Krepo’s talents from mid lane transitioned nicely to an aggressive support role. Notorious for his devastating Leona play, he frequently makes strategic calls for his entire team, earning him the MVP award in multiple games in recent tournaments.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 6.34, Most Played Champion – Leona/Nunu (33.33%)