1st World Cyber Games Grand Finals

1st NESL Premier Season 1

1st IEM Season VI –Global Challenge Cologne

1st MLG 2011 - Raleigh

1st NESL Premier Season 2

5th DreamHack 2011 - Season 1 Championship

2nd IEM Season VI – Global Challenge Guangzhou

3rd IPL 3 - Atlantic City

3rd IEM Season VI - World Championship

2nd IPL 4 - Las Vegas

2nd MLG 2012 - Spring Championship

3rd Season 2 North American Regionals

Bigfatlp – AP Carry

Bio: A top player since League of Legends beta and one of CLG’s original members, Bigfatlp dominated the early competitive scene. With a pre-Season One win rate over 80%, at one time he simultaneously held the top three NA Solo Queue ladder rankings on different accounts. Known as one of the most experienced Anivia and Twisted Fate players in the world, Bigfatlp was the first to define what it meant to be a dominant mid.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 4.61, Most Played Champion – Orianna (42.86%)

Voyboy – Top Lane

Bio: Originally from Team Dignitas, Voyboy was recruited to CLG Prime in May of 2012. Readily admitting that he “plays like the jungler doesn’t exist”, his constant aggression in lane earned him the MVP of IEM Season VI – World Championship and defines his signature play style.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 4.08, Most Played Champion – Olaf (42.86%)

HotshotGG - Jungler

Bio: Founder of CLG and clgaming.net, HotshotGG is one of the most globally-recognized League of Legends personalities in the world, with large followings in North America and South Korea. Originally known for his top lane mastery, particularly as Nidalee and Cho’Gath, HotshotGG switched from top lane to jungle as a strategic decision for the good of his team. Now known as “George of the Jungle” by the community, his aggressive play with Dr. Mundo and Cho’Gath has synergized excellently with his team.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 2.95, Most Played Champion – Dr. Mundo (42.86%)

Doublelift – AD Carry

Bio: Originally playing in the Season One Championships for Epik Gamer, Doublelift had a brief stint on Curse Gaming before he quickly found his way to CLG Prime as AD Carry. Possessing an incredible mechanical knowledge of the game, he frequently defers strategically to his lane-mate Chauster. Usually scoring the highest CS in the match, CLG Prime has come to rely on his skills to help carry them to victory.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 4.33, Most Played Champion – Graves (42.86%)

Chauster - Support

Bio: A founding member of CLG, Chauster’s versatile skills saw him switch from AD Carry to Support when Doublelift joined the team. The primary play-caller and strategy crafter for CLG Prime, his consistent tactical play as Support resulted in one of the lowest death scores of the year.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 7.29, Most Played Champion – Sona (57.14%)