1st IEM Season VI - Global Challenge

1st IEM Season VI - World Championship

1st European Challenger Circuit: Poland

1st Season 2 European Regionals

2nd Kings of Europe

2nd ESL Major Series Season IX

2nd DreamHack Summer 2012

3rd ESL Major Series Season X

Alex Ich - AP Carry

Bio: Frequently spending eight to ten hours a day practicing, Alex Ich’s expertise in mid grants him a diverse play style, from his defensively-oriented Ryze to his high-mobility Gragas. Believing that most mid players are relatively equal, he plays with the mindset that mid lane is actually a battle of the junglers.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 8.89, Most Played Champion – Gragas (42.86%)

Darien - Top Lane

Bio: Darien is known for his consistently aggressive play style in top lane. Frequently omitting wards from his purchases because he believes “if your opponents want your head they’ll come anyway.” Despite his aggression and lack of wards, Darien frequently ends his matches with zero deaths, a fact that usually cannot be said of his lane opponent.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 4.74, Most Played Champion – Yorick/Shen (28.57%)

DiamondProx - Jungler

Bio: DiamondProx almost single-handedly legitimized Shyvana as a tournament-viable jungler, employing her high mobility to apply constant pressure on the enemy team, a tactic which brought M5 numerous victories in tournaments worldwide. Consistently studying replays of other professional junglers in order to better understand and analyze their thought processes, he nonetheless chooses to not play other common tournament junglers such as Malphite and Maokai, whom he believes do not fit his team’s play style.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 5.54, Most Played Champion – Lee Sin/Udyr (42.86%)

Genja - AD Carry

Bio: Known for being more passive than his support, Genja nevertheless utilizes his defensive play style to consistently end matches with one of the highest K/D/As in the world. Having achieved 2.3k elo in Season One playing only Ashe, he has since mastered Corki and Ezreal and is a force to be reckoned with in bottom lane.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 14.62, Most Played Champion – Corki (57.14%)

GoSu Pepper - Support

Bio: An unusually aggressive support player, GoSu Pepper popularized Nunu in competitive play, as well as coining the term “Empire” for channeling Nunu ultimates in brush to maximize damage. A masterful Sona player, he calls her “perfect” due to her ability to both deal high damage (which syncs well with his aggressive play style) while simultaneously offering healing and support to his laning partner.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio – 7.64, Most Played Champion – Sona (71.43%)