1st Season Two SEA Regional Finals

3rd GPL Season 1 Opening Event


Bio: Playing for years with his teammate QTV on the DOTA team Masta, Nixwater’s favorite item is the Mana Potion, which reflects his heavy mana-spending play style in mid lane. He generally favors aggressive champions that can influence other lanes with precision roaming ganks.

Garena League Stats: K/D/A – 107/85/203, Most Played Champion – Karthus

QTV - Top Lane

Bio: QTV previously played on team Masta before transitioning to League of Legends. Preferring melee duelist champions in top lane (his love of Vladimir being a notable exception), QTV stands apart as one of the few competitive Fiora players on the scene today.

Garena League Stats: K/D/A – 90/81/260, Most Played Champion – Irelia

Violet - Jungler

Bio: The oldest member of Saigon Jokers, Violet has a wide range of jungle favorites, making him an unpredictable opponent. Violet’s experience occasionally playing top lane for his team makes him a deadly ganker for his teammate QTV.

Garena League Stats: K/D/A – 105/104/228, Most Played Champion – Maokai

Archie - AD Carry

Bio: Another former DOTA competitive player, Archie’s experience before transitioning to League of Legends has served him well in Saigon Joker’s aggressive bottom lane. Formerly a support player, his experience with both roles shows when orchestrating complex combos with his teammate Junie.

Garena League Stats: K/D/A – 1102/52/111, Most Played Champion – Ezreal

Junie - Support

Bio: The third member of Saigon Jokers to play on team Masta, Junie previously jungled before moving to support. Favoring aggressive supports, he acts on possible ganks in his lane at the sign of any opportunity.

Garena League Stats: K/D/A – 59/97/206, Most Played Champion – Nunu