2nd IntelEM Cologne 2011

3rd MLG Raleigh 2011

4th IPL 3

7th/8th IntelEM New York

1st MLG Providence 2011

2nd IntelEM Kiev

7th/8th IntelEM World Championship

1st IPL 4, 1st MLG Spring Championship

1st IPL Face Off

1st North American Regionals


Bio: Chaox has been playing for Team SoloMid since before the Season One Championship. Starting as support, he moved to AD Carry after the departure of former AD Carry player Locodoco. Chaox is best known for his Corki and winning lanes with lane partner Xpecial.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio - 8.14, highest in the tournament. Most Played Champion - Corki (nine games)


Bio: TheOddOne has been playing for Team SoloMid since its founding, occupying a spot in the jungle and pioneering jungle champions like Nunu and Maokai. Currently one of the most popular streamers in the world, he is known for his effective ganks in mid and his support jungler style, picking jungle champions that give his team more utility than damage.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio - 4.43, highest of the junglers. Most Played Champion - Maokai (six games)


Bio: Founder of SoloMid.net and Team SoloMid, Reginald has been a competitive League of Legends player since beta. He's synonymous with the phrase "aggressive playstyle", often killing his mid opponent early in the laning phase.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio - 5.00. Most Played Champion - Morgana (seven games)


Bio: Dyrus has been a competitive League of Legends player since beta, and is the most recent addition to Team SoloMid. Former member of now disbanded Team Epik, Dyrus lived in the TSM gaming house before joining the team. Since he's joined, TSM has been on a winning rampage, winning every Challenger Circuit event they played in and the Regionals. He's known for his Singed, Jax and Vladimir play, relentlessly spamming laugh in a game, and always playing with his pillow friend.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio - 6.00, highest for TOP LANE. Most Played Champions - Shen, Rumble, Olaf (three games each)


Bio: Long time competitive League of Legends player, Xpecial joined Team SoloMid before the Season One Championships, switching from AP Carry to Support. In a team full of big personalities, Xpecial is known as a calmer voice on the team, and is considered one of the best and most underrated Supports players in competitive play.

Regional Stats: K/D/A Ratio - 4.14, highest of Supports. Most Played Champion - Blitzcrank (six games)